hi, i'm Benj Ledesma.

i like building useful things.


some personal projects

Project preview: quickscope

quickscope: a chrome & firefox extension for your new tab. build & search custom lists quickly. more info


about me

  • full-stack software engineer
  • ex-Dashlabs.ai (YC W21) senior engineer
  • ex-Shopee PH automation lead
  • triathlete (WIP)
  • former music org president & jazz guitarist
  • enjoys tea, math rock, k-pop, studying 日本語

(more on my resume and LinkedIn profile)

i'm comfortable with

  • building typescript MERN apps
  • graphQL client & server
  • ruby on rails
  • react component libraries (MUI, Chakra)
  • building chrome & firefox extensions
  • python scripts & web scrapers
  • tailwind CSS
  • serverless hosting on GCP or AWS
  • SQL analytics

i've tried out

  • nuxt
  • svelte(kit)
  • tailwind
  • integrating google APIs (drive, sheets)
  • payment gateways (Stripe, PayMongo, PayMaya)
  • golang basics
  • electronJS
  • figma
  • other stuff

i use

  • MacBook Air M1, 2020 - 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD
    Lightweight, durable, and good enough to get the job done.
  • Any 27" monitor
    The comfiest size for me. Any bigger and I'll have a lot of unused space, especially with dual monitors or ultrawides. Smaller sizes (even on just the MacBook) can work with smart window management.
  • Thanks to these guys, I often only need 2 windows to work - my terminal and my browser. I'm only ever looking at one workspace at a time (great for focus), but switching to another project / repo or spinning up a background job can be done with only a few keystrokes.
  • Everything I need for project management, studying, note-taking, and so on. I love that the interface is mostly a clean black & white, putting full emphasis on the content itself and not the surrounding UI. And of course, the keyboard shortcuts are amazing.
  • Google Calendar
    Pretty much anything that happens in my life gets calendared - meetings, workouts, chores, hangouts. Tasks always have a due date, whether it's next week or in 6 months. This helps remind me to do things, assess task urgency off the bat, and give quick answers regarding my availability.
  • The noise cancellation isn't as good as Sony's WF-1000XM4, but the sound quality is superb - as if you're wearing over-ear headphones. I may not make music as often anymore, but I sure love listening to it.

i'm listening to

  1. Twin Suns - The Hermit
  3. Winona Forever - Pen Pal
  4. Bad Bunny - Otro Atardecer
  5. Hot Flash Heat Wave - Trust
  6. NewJeans - Right Now
  7. Buddha Trixie - Pitbull Goes To The Club
  8. tiny yawn - Who is ruling the ocean?
  9. Taeko Onuki - Dare no Tame ni
  10. Charli xcx - 360

hit me up: benj.ledesma@gmail.com